About me

My educational and professional background is varied and eccentric. I graduated from the Faculty of Arts at University of Pula, where I obtained a degree in music pedagogy. I also completed a master's degree in pedagogy at the University of Maribor and a program of study courses in Computer and Information Science at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at University of Ljubljana.

I am the author of many articles and lectures at international conferences and lead seminars and workshops where teachers can learn or perfect their knowledge of using Informational-Communicational Technologies.

I am currently employed as the STEM and Robotics Teacher at Elementary School Breg (Ptuj, Slovenia).

I teach VEXIQ, STEM and Robotics and I'm coordinator of many Erasmus+ projects related with VEX, LEGO, VR, Drones... 


Java programming I (University of Helsinki)

Java programming II (University of Helsinki)
Elements of AI course (University of Helsinki)
Java tutorial course (SoloLearn)
Introduction to Arduino Programming (edX)
Python 3 from Beginner to Expert - Learn Python from Scratch (Udemy)
VEX IQ Certifications
VEXcode IQ Blocks - Coding Activities made easy (Udemy)

and many more...

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